Our Vision

Aims of AVA Morocco:


  • Provide a library for the children of the villages to access to borrow books for education and an additional room for the education of women and children who have been unable to attend school e.g. reading / writing
  • Provide internet and computer access for the children of the villages to aid education within the library
  • Provide financial support to families of the villages to allow children to complete their education in Secondary School e.g. pay for the boarding house
  • Provide financial support for children to develop their skills if they are good at things like sport, art, or interested in learning a trade e.g. dress making
  • Provide school transport to help children attend high schools
  • Distribute donated clothes, shoes, toys to the villages in remote areas of the mountains
  • Distribute stationary (pens, paper, pencils etc) to the schools in the remote areas of the mountains
  • Support outside of lessons for development of skills in foreign languages
  • Co-ordinate the communication between Moroccan schools and schools in other areas of the world
  • Obtain text books for learning for schools 
  • Provide financial support to schools to allow them to take students out on educational trips



  • Building of irrigation channels
  • Building of permanent footpaths and steps in villages in the mountains
  • Maintaining a clean environment in the villages, e.g. helping with the disposal of rubbish
  • Recycling of plastic bottles
  • Creating permanent water supplies in more remote villages of the mountains
  • Maintain provision of first aid supplies to treat minor injuries to avoid infection
  • Provide equipment for the women of the villages to produce items that could be sold e.g. clothing, souvenirs in tourist areas
  • Creation of mobile shops for more remote areas
  • Purchase mules / sheep / goats / chickens etc for families to be able to support themselves through work or use as food
  • Help families purchase food for animals 
  • Provide equipment for farming of land
  • Help families transport goods to market to sell