We have a variety of projects that you can get involved with in different areas of the Atlas Mountains. These range from helping to build permanent irrigation channels through to helping to build an educational building in the villages. We welcome any level of contribution to each project, whether it is to support a small part or to undertake the whole project. Our projects are regularly updated so please keep checking back to see how you can get involved.


Permanent pathway from the mountain road to Tacheddirt Village

Tacheddirt is the highest village in the High Atlas Mountains. After you have passed through Imlil and crossed the Tizi n Tamatert Pass you will continue to climb higher and higher until the mountain road just stops and then you know you have reached the village. The village is situated down in the valley below the road and the only way to reach it is to scramble down the mountain side (approx 50 degree angle), weaving your way between the rocks. When the villagers come back from the weekly souk (market) in Asni they have to negotiate their way down this slope with their goods and for the mothers they often carry their children on their backs as well. In the winter and when it rains this slope becomes virtually impossible. 
The cost to build a permanent footpath is £1000 

Pipework for toilet and sanitation system in Ait Souka Village 

Ait Souka is the Berber village located above the centre of Imlil. A number of homes in Ait Souka Village do not have toilets or adequate pipework for the disposal of waste water from washing and cleaning. At the moment the villagers throw washing water out into the one of the main pathways through the village which creates a dangerous walkway, slippery from the soap residue. The village of Ait Souka is split into 3 areas. The plan is to construct the pipework in the 3 areas and bring it to a meeting point for disposal. 
The total cost of this project for the whole village is estimated to be £25,000 but to complete the pipework in one of the areas is estimated to be £8000.


Community building for educational purposes

This project is to construct a building consisting of two rooms where lessons can take place for the women and the children of the village who can’t / haven’t attended school. Education would include reading, writing, language skills, education on the wider world and also practical skills such as needlework and carpet making. One room will include laptops / internet access which can be used in education or to help the people of the village develop their businesses. 
The village would donate the land the cost to construct, windows, doors, roof, paint the 2 room building would be approx £8000